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On Saturday there are 3 riding classes for children. Max 8 children per class. First children class starts at 8.30am and is for the older experienced riders. 9.30 am is the next class for the advanced children. 10.30 am is the beginners and young children class.
On Tuesday morning from 9.30-10.30am there is an adult riding class. All levels, max 8 riders.

2016 Riding classes schedule (Month / Date)

  • January
  • February
    13 - 20/2/16
  • March
    05 - 19/3/16
  • April
    23/4/16 Iris will be travelling, so no lessons from Iris 30/4/16 Saddle Club Polo Cup "beginners"
    09 30/4/16
  • May
    21/5/16 no lessons
    07 - 28/5/16
  1. Only riding lessons for members as adult, children can ride as non member against a non membership fee, see below
  2. Riding is on your own responsibility. The club and the riding instructor can't be held responsible for any damage, accidents or lost items.
  3. Wearing a helmet is mandatory. The club has some for use, purchasing your own is recommended.
  4. Be on time, at least 10 minutes before your class starts. Class will start without you. It's a shame if you miss part of your lesson as the lessons is build up towards goals for you as well as for your horse.
  5. If you can't make it to class, send the riding instructor at least 24 hours ahead a message. if you are sick, also let the riding instructor no, if you don't take this responsibility, the class you missed will be charged.
  6. The 10 bulk lessons are valid for 1 semester, over think you cancellations
  7. The riding instructor decides which horse you will be riding
  8. No shouting and screaming around horses
  9. No running and throwing of toys/balls around horses
  10. Children must be guided by an adult, responsible chaperone
  11. Feeding the horses is allowed, preferably carrots.
  12. Riding lessons cost N50.000 per 10 classes for members N70.000 for non members, if you sign up for riding classes you payment is due beforehand.